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I am, or was, a young, healthy, very athletic person into many sports and various activities until November of 2006, when I awoke to find that I couldn’t move my left lower leg or foot and that began my journey to end up with a TLC.  I have a very rare condition that over time left my foot very deformed and my total leg virtually useless.   
 When I am out with my scooter people are just amazed at what I can do and that with it I am totally independent. I can shop like everyone else (I’ll grab a basket in one hand and steer it and my scooter with the other!!), I get around all day without tiring out and if I do I always have a soft spot to sit on my scooter!! I can’t say enough good things about my scooter and I tell anyone who asks that this is the best thing ever!! I never tire of all the people I run into who want to ask me questions about what it is. They are always amazed when they see me zip around like I do. So often people don’t even realize that I am on a special scooter because of my leg they think I’m someone just zipping about on a regular scooter. I never tire of the looks on people’s faces!! Thank You so much for such a great product that gives people like me the opportunity to be mobile again!!!  
Randy C.
Central Point, Oregon
Thank you so much for all your assistance. My experience with your Turning Leg Caddy was great. I ruptured my Achilles tendon one week before my wedding. My fiance was crushed as we imagined how I would be in a wheelchair or hobbling around on crutches on our big day.  I ordered the caddy from you 4 days before the wedding. You were able to ship it to my quickly, and I had it in time for the rehearsal dinner. The Turning Leg Caddy was a lifesaver at the wedding. I was able to enjoy the cocktail hour and the reception. I was even able to get around and visit all the guests with relative ease. You and the Turning Leg Caddy helped me get my marriage off on the "right foot".
Rick Finch
I was so happy to get the scooter on Wednesday! A great Christmas present. Thank you so much for getting it out to me on Christmas eve day. It's a great help and will be in my recovery. It was so easy to set up... - Nancy Jackson

Catherine, Thank you so much for making the scooter available. It was a gift from heaven. Jill Gedney

Dear Catherine,

I'm so grateful for having the use of the scooter. We became fast friends while I was in my hard cast. Having the basket was a great help, allowing me to cart things around while scooting. I also appreciate your coming to my home to deliver the scooter the same that I called you. You alleviated a lot of stress that goes with having a cast put on your leg.

Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend you and your company to anyone who needs a scooter...

Laura Bonney



I would like to let you know what a pleasure it was meeting you and using one of your scooters while my broken foot healed. After using crutches for a week my hands were killing me. I had to find an alternative and the Turning Leg Caddy was far superior to the other scooter that was available somewhere else. The ability to steer it around corners was just great, especially at my office. Many of my associates wanted to try it because it looked so fun. It was also easy to put it into the back of my car because the handle bars adjust so quickly. All in all, it was a great experience. Your service was truly appreciated. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Thank You!  

Don Pennell

Kathleen Park (Computer)
"I loved using the Knee Scooter. It was easy to use and gave me a sense of independence which was so important to me! I was able to be at my Mother's side when she was in the hospital. I was able to care for her in a way that would never have been possible if I was on crutches. I was so grateful that this was available to me! It's also a great way to meet people because people stop and ask questions all the time about it. HAPPY ROLLING!

Sydney Zvara
Just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing the Turning Leg Caddy was following my recent foot surgery---so much easier than struggling with crutches! I was able to quickly resume activities inside and outside our home that I otherwise that I would not been able to do if I had been on crutches. Even after I was able to put some weight on my foot, I found it handy to use the Turning Leg Caddy to rest my foot up & keep it elevated while I was seated. Thanks for making it so easy, convenient and pleasant to rent the Turning Leg Caddy."
The TLC knee scooter gave me back my life!  Following my foot surgery, I became frustrated at how difficult crutches were to use and how much they limited my mobility. Once I found the knee scooter, I felt like I had my life back. My foot actually seemed to heal quicker because I was able to be completely non-weight bearing. My outlook was much more positive, partly because I was more independent and able to move at a normal speed. I was even able to house sit for a friend and take care of her pet. I was able to do all of my Christmas shopping and enjoy the holiday season. ( Seattle, WA)